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Troubleshooting InduSoft Web Studio Installation Issues

Have you had a problem installing InduSoft Web Studio? We invite you to let us know any time you experience difficulties installing or using the HMI software, but there are also some common problems that can be resolved through a bit of troubleshooting. Here are a few issues some users have encountered while installing InduSoft Web Studio:

Installing from the ZIP Folder: We ZIP all of the installation media that we post to the product download page to reduce the storage space required and improve the download speed.  Users sometimes run the setup from within the ZIP archive rather than unzipping the ZIP archive first.  The most obvious symptom issue that you may encounter is that the setup takes a long time to launch, and appears to hang because it is simultaneously unzipping the ZIP folder before launching the setup.  Make sure that to unzip the ZIP archive prior to launching the setup to avoid this problem.

Setup.exe vs. Setup.msi: When you unzip the ZIP archive, the client will find a folder called Disk1.  There are two files in the Disk1 folder of the installation called setup, a setup.exe and a setup.msi.  If you open the Disk1 folder in Windows Explorer and look at the Type column, then the setup.exe says Application and the setup.msi says Windows Installer Package.  Users will sometimes launch the setup.msi instead of the setup.exe.  If this happens, the following pop-up will appear:


Launch the setup.exe Application rather than the setup.msi Windows Installer Package to avoid this issue.

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