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Are You Thinking About Industrial Control System Security Yet?

With the latest news about the (many) Department Store Cybersecurity breaches, are you thinking about your ICS (Industrial Control System) Cybersecurity yet?

In the latest news, there is speulation that a Russian Nuclear Plant has been, and the International Space Station possibly has been infected with a Stuxnet variant  as described by Eugene Kaspersky (Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus) in a speech to the Australian Press Club at Canberra last week.

Whether or not Kaspersky’s claims are true or are a foreshadowing of “Things to Come”, this topic of Cybersecurity has been in the headlines of global news for many weeks now. According to the security firm Proofpoint, many smart appliances have also been attacked. These include smart televisions, wireless speakers, networking routers, and even a refrigerator.

If you are not thinking of this topic at all concerning your own HMI or SCADA System, or perhaps left it to “The Experts” at your facility, or if you are not even having an active, ongoing conversation about it with your Control System Engineers and IT Security Personnel, you may already be in trouble, and it’s important to have a dialog with your team often in regard to security of your systems.

Here at InduSoft, we take the subject of Cybersecurity very seriously. We have offered various expert opinions, valuable assistance, and related subject topics along with promoting many Subject Matter Experts to assist you, our customers, in many of our previous blogs, discussions, and webinars, any of which can still be viewed online from our website.

One of our ongoing resources, Eric Byers of Tofino Security has given another of his excellent talks, this time at The Automation Conference 2013 (also known as the AusCERT 2012 Conference) on why you likely are not protected, and only think that you may be. His discussion, slides, and real-world examples are very educational and highly compelling, and are available here as a synopsis, with the full cybersecurity presentation here.

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