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New Patch Available for Download – InduSoft Web Studio v

InduSoft Web Studio has a new patch available for release, available for download now. This patch includes a few updates, including the following:

  • Localized the development environment for Simplified Chinese (zh-CN). To change the language of the development environment, either select the language during installation or use the Language command in the ribbon (View tab > Options group > Language).
  • Improved the Mobile Access web interface to allow you to link directly to a specific project screen. The screen name, user name, and/or password can be included in a custom URL, and then that URL can be saved as a bookmark.
  • Modified the Mobile Access feature to load linked pictures that are located anywhere in <projectname>\Web.
  • Updated the Multi-Touch feature for improved functionality on Windows 8.
  • Improved the TagsDB functions so that the project runtime is updated more quickly when the functions are used to add alarms and trends.
  • Improved the execution of the TagsDB function, especially when editing a large number of project tags.
  • Improved the in-browser performance of the Mobile Access web interface, especially when a project screen contains several objects.

The new patch also includes many other updates. Download the most recent version of InduSoft Web Studio HMI software here.

InduSoft Web Studio Patch


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