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Configuring Default Email Settings in InduSoft Web Studio

Some features, such as alarms and certain functions, are able to send email to designated recipients. To use these features, you must configure your project’s email settings.

The email settings can be configured at any point during runtime by calling the CnfEmail function. However, you can also configure default settings that are automatically used when the project is first run and then restored as needed during runtime, overwriting any changes made by calling the CnfEmail function.

On the Project tab of the ribbon, in the Web group, click Email/FTP. The E-mail and FTP configuration dialog is displayed.

Click the E-Mail Settings tab.

email in indusoft web studio

In the E-mail (From) box, type your email address.

In the Server and Port boxes, type the server address and port number for your outgoing mail server. The default port for SMTP is 25, but it depends on your server and network configuration. Please consult your email provider.

If your outgoing mail server requires authentication, select “My server requires authentication”. If authentication must also be encrypted, select Enable SSL. Then type your credentials in the User Name and Password boxes. Most outgoing mail servers do require authentication, to prevent spamming and other abuse from unknown users.

Note: Encryption via SSL is not supported in projects running on Windows Embedded target systems.

In the Status box, type the name of a tag (Integer type) that will receive status codes when the project sends email.

In the Reload box, type a tag/expression. When the value of this tag/expression changes, the project will reload these default email settings.

Click OK to save your configuration and close the dialog.

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