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InduSoft Adds New Student Work to Educational Program

InduSoft has uploaded a new student project on the InduSoft Educational Program page from the students at Iowa Lake Community College. This wind power application showcases a student-built wind application developed in InduSoft Web Studio v7.1.

According to an AWEA study from 2013, there were a record number of wind power megawatts under construction, to produce over 12,000 MW of new wind capacity for the United States. The U.S. wind industry installed 1,084 MW during 2013, with 1,012 MW installed during the fourth quarter of 2013 alone.

The application developed by the Iowa Lake Community College to train students for the wind energy workforce features user login authentication, a wind direction gauge, weather maps, and a dashboard where operators can check the status of individual turbines. The application reads data from turbines located at several points across the United States and sends status updates back to the central control.

In addition to checking turbine status, operators can use the pitch controller or uptower controller to adjust settings on the turbines.

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