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How InduSoft Stays Agile – Agile Development for a Better HMI Platform

InduSoft has always been committed to developing and delivering the best possible HMI software. To do that, we adhere to development processes that help us ensure that we develop a stable and efficient software platform that is robust, flexible for future development, and protects the investment of every InduSoft Web Studio user. InduSoft follows CMMI process with Agile software development practices, including Scrum and XP programming. The Scrum process is briefly described in the following video:

Listening to you is always important. That’s why we try to get your feedback as much as possible, so that we can implement customer requirements with each release. InduSoft keeps all future development items in a repository called Product Backlog, which contains all the customer requests, InduSoft technological objectives, and any defects reported. The items in the backlog are constantly maintained according to their priority so the development teams can properly indicate the next items to be implemented in the next Sprint boundary (InduSoft uses two weeks sprints).

Every two weeks InduSoft creates an internal installer which is made available for beta testers or customers affected by the deployed changes. Every two Sprints, (4 weeks) the InduSoft developers close the source code that will be released for the next patch, including any bug fixes. Every 3-6 months, InduSoft releases a new Service Pack, which includes not only bug fixes, but also enhancements to the HMI platform, and requests from customers. Every 2-3 years, InduSoft releases a new product version, which will include major enhancements targeted to keep the product up to date with existing technologies and introduce features that will benefit the overall customer base.

During this process InduSoft is always dedicated to making certain our users maintain their investment in InduSoft Web Studio, so in every release we perform countless regression tests, targeted to make certain you can safely migrate to the most recent release.

Got questions about our development process, or requests for future changes to InduSoft Web Studio? Please feel free to email us at so we can properly record your requests!

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