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Recent Driver Updates to InduSoft Web Studio HMI Software

InduSoft has recently made some updates to our library of over 240 drivers for PLCs and controllers. Here are some of the most recent driver updates. Download these or other InduSoft Web Studio drivers here.

We have released a newer version of the BACSL driver (BACnet Slave), v3.2

In this version, we improved the following:

  • The driver was not correctly responding to a read request.
  • The driver wasn’t properly returning the object list when the BACNET Master issued a readProperty command.
  • When trying to WRITE to some tags on the on BACSL driver, the tag quality was changing to BAD or UNCERTAIN. Also, when trying to READ the following properties on a BACnet Master from the BACSL driver, a “Malformed Packet” was being thrown.

For the BACNE v3.5 driver we implemented 3 new objects:

–          (EVT) Event Enrollment Object and all its properties

–          (LOP) LOOP Object

–          (NOT) Notification Class Object

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