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Integrate tags from TwinCAT In InduSoft Web Studio

More than simply importing the tags and interface from a TwinCAT PLC program, you can fully integrate your IWS project database with a running TwinCAT PLC so that tags are synchronized between the two systems, without the extra configuration required by an OPC connection or direct communication driver. Continue reading

Integração de Tags do TwinCAT no InduSoft Web Studio

Além de importar tags e fazer a interface do programa de CLP TwinCAT, agora você pode também integrar o banco de dados do projeto do InduSoft Web Studio com o CLP TwinCAT durante o runtime para que as tags sejam sincronizadas entre os dois sistemas sem que uma configuração extra seja requerida por uma conexão OPC ou via driver. Continue reading

Troubleshooting InduSoft Web Studio Applications

If you do find yourself in need of technical assistance, there are certain things that you will need to know before you contact technical support. Regardless of the problem, you will need to know the sequence of events that led to you discovering the problem. It must be explained in as much detail as possible and you should be careful not to ad-lib, as it may drastically affect troubleshooting time and procedures. It’s also best to be in front of the computer you are having problems with, and to keep a pen and paper handy. Continue reading