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New InduSoft Certified System Integrator

Founded by a team of engineers and trying to meet  growing demand for industrial processes, LogTek Automação e Sistemas deliver solutions with advanced technology and to bring satisfactory results for customers.

Working in diverse industry segments , they provide solutions for assembly of electrical panels , supervisory development , systems programming, programmable logic controllers and HMI, and equipment and sensors for control and process monitoring.

Relying on highly skilled technical and commercial team, in addition to working with the most respected brands in the market, LogTek Automação e Sistemas aims to meet the demands of customers with individualized solutions.

Contact Information:

LogTek Automação e Sistemas

Rua Tenente Antônio João, 163

Cerâmica, São Caetano do Sul, SP 09530-460

Phone: (11) 4318-0321




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