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File Compression Settings in Studio Mobile Access

A customer recently wrote in with a question regarding the new HTML5 Mobile Access client. He stated:

“I am currently testing both the Windows 8 App and general MA functionality.
We have recently upgraded to InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 SP3 and the Widgets all work correctly. The SMA screen loads also correctly but shows “###” where the data value should be.”

The solution is to open the Project Tab and select “Web”. Make sure that the “Enable File Compression” setting is unchecked as shown below in Figure 1:


Figure 1: Web File Compression Setting

Normally, when people think of compression as it applies to web traffic, they are thinking about the web server compressing outbound traffic that the web browser decompresses upon receipt. In the case of InduSoft Web Studio, we have no control over what the web server (e.g. Internet Information Server) does so we added the option to compress the files that we create in the project web folder when you publish your project screens as HTML. When you run the traditional InduSoft web thin client, our ActiveX control called “ISSymbol.ocx” gets instantiated in the Internet Explorer web browser and it knows how to decompress these files. This process is normally transparent to the user.

However, Mobile Access (or SMA) screens are rendered using pure HTML5 that does not expect the files to be compressed. Therefore, the values cannot be displayed because they cannot be understood by the HTML5 browser, and show up as “###” in the value display field.

More information about Mobile Access and Thin Clients is available in the Help Manual (Technical Reference) chapter called, “Thin Clients and Mobile Access”. Additionally, Training Videos are available demonstrating how to use Thin Clients, Secure Viewer, and Mobile Access in Module 4 on the Training Videos web page (Figure 2).


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