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Big plans for InduSoft at Fenasucro 2014 in Brazil

Fenasucro, the largest worldwide tradeshow for sugarcane production, is coming next month. InduSoft has been gearing up for this show, and plans to introduce new demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of InduSoft Web Studio for the sugarcane production industry.

At Fenasucro this year, InduSoft will be unveiling InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3 for live demonstrations of the new capabilities in the Studio Mobile Access client, which include support for scripting, and the capability to deploy applications to any mobile device with a browser that supports HTML5.

We’ll also be showcasing a number of other significant developments, including a demonstration of the new enhancement to tag integration that allows users to quickly integrate tags from the Schneider M340 and Premium Devices, allowing the user to browse for addresses/tags configured in the PLC program. Visitors to the InduSoft booth can also learn more about native integration for the Wonderware Historian in InduSoft Web Studio.

Some InduSoft users had an opportunity to test out Google Glass at FEEAI. We’ll be bringing our demo pair to Fenasucro as well, so visitors can see what an InduSoft Web Studio mobile HMI application is like on a Heads Up Display.

If you’re planning on attending the tradeshow, be certain to look for InduSoft there! We’ll have more announcements in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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