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Have you Downloaded the Newest Patch for InduSoft Web Studio?

Earlier this month, InduSoft released a new patch for InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3. If you have not yet downloaded the newest patch, we’ve provided more information about the changes included in the current version of the software. This patch will improve the functionality of several InduSoft Web Studio features, and resolve some issues with the most current version of the HMI/SCADA software.

Among the changes, the most important updates include the following improvements:

  • Improved performance of the Tag Integration for the “”RSLogix 5000 family”” provider when loading tag names from the L5K file.
  • Modified the Trend Task to avoid issues when set to Proprietary (*.hst files).
  • Modified the Trend Control to display  pens in Online Mode, even if the values are saved in an external database with TimeStamp set to Local Time (not UTC).
  • Update OPC OpenSSL to the latest version to address CCIRC Advisory AV14-031 OpenSSL vulnerability.
  • Modified the Trend/Alarm database interface to prevent 100% CPU usage when inserting data on relational databases.
  • Modified the asynchronous database insertion algorithms to prevent instability that could cause system errors.
  • Improved the Studio Mobile Access (SMA) script error information to allow better identification of the script that is preventing the screen from opening.
  • Improved the Studio Mobile Access to support the VBScript code “”If $Tag Then $Function() Else $Function() End If”” all in the same line.

For the full release notes for this patch, please visit our Current Release Notes for InduSoft Web Studio Page.

Download InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3 +P1 

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