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Change the Properties of Multiple Screen Objects in InduSoft Web Studio

In InduSoft Web Studio HMI software, it’s possible to select two or more screen objects and then change the properties that are common to the selected objects.

Before you begin this task, you must have a project screen open in the screen editor.

Which properties you can change depend on whether you select multiple objects of the same type or of different types. If the objects are of the same type, you can change the properties that are specific to that type. For example, if you select multiple Button objects, then you can change the properties that are specific to Button objects.


For more information about the properties of a specific type of object, see the documentation for that object.

Note: You can only use this method to change the properties of Shapes and Active Objects. You cannot use this method to change the properties of Data Objects, Animations, Library items, or objects in a group.


In contrast, if you select multiple objects of different types, you can change the properties that are common to all of the objects. This includes not only cosmetic properties like Border and Background, but also functional properties like Disable, Security, Enable Translation, and E-Sign. (Some properties may not apply to all objects. For example, Button objects do not have Border and Rectangle objects do not have Security.)


In both cases, the dialog box shows the current values of the properties of the last selected object.

It is only when you actually change the value of a property that the change is applied to the selected objects. All other properties are left unchanged, regardless the values shown in the dialog box.

To change the properties of multiple screen objects:

  1. In the screen editor, do one of the following:
    • Press and hold either Shift or Ctrl on the keyboard, and then click each object that you want to change; or
    • Use the cursor to draw a selection box around all of the objects that you want to change.

The objects are selected.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Graphics tab of the ribbon, in the Editing group, click Properties;
    • Right-click the selected objects, and then on the shortcut menu, click Properties; or
    • Press Alt+Enter on the keyboard.

Note: You cannot double-click to open the Object Properties dialog box as you otherwise would, because clicking like that clears the selection.

The Object Properties dialog box is displayed for the selected objects.

  1. Change the property values that you want to change, and then close the dialog box.

The changes are then applied to all of the selected objects.

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