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New Patch Available for InduSoft Web Studio v 7.1 + SP3

A new patch has been released for InduSoft Web Studio v 7.1 + SP3 This brings the current version of InduSoft Web Studio to The most recent update to the HMI software does not include any major changes or revisions, but it does include some user requests and resolution for minor issues in the software.

Here are a few of the changes included in this patch:

  • Modified the Trend task to make it easier to troubleshoot when historical data are not saved correctly
  • Modified the message that is displayed when the project developer clicks “Trust server certificate” in the security settings for an OPC UA connection (OPC UA > Connections > Server Configuration > Security), in order to warn them when the certificate is self-signed
  • Implemented the new built-in functions TranslationLookupLoad, TranslationLookupGet, and TranslationLookupClose, which allow the project developer to create lookup maps between different languages. For more information, see the documentation.
  • Improved the ADO.NET database gateway (StADOSvr) to make it possible to specify a locale (i.e., language and country) for database queries, rather than use the locale that is specified in the host’s system settings
  • Modified the built-in function CheckESign to take a security access level as an optional parameter. Previously, the function would validate against level 0, and level 0 is still the default, but this parameter allows the project developer to specify any level

Download the current release notes for InduSoft Web Studio here.

Download InduSoft Web Studio v 7.1 + SP3 P2

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