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Follow-up to the InduSoft BACNet Webinar – Download the Demo Application

Want to try out the BACNet Test Application we showcased in our recent BACNet webinar? It’s now available for download!

BACNet Test Application

In order to use the test application, it is necessary to have a BACNet client that can connect to it.  For customers that are currently developing their own BACNet applications and networks, and do not  have a Client Device running yet, you can use the Trial Version of SCADAEngine BACNet Device Simulator for 14 days by downloading  it from the company website and registering your email with them, when prompted by the software.  Opening the included data file “all_object_types.dat” will provide simulated data that can be read in the BACNet Test Application by setting the Virtual Network Number (e.g., 24) in the Simulator and selecting the Device (e.g., 1) and using the settings as shown below.  The Port is already set to 47080 in the simulator and in the BACNE driver. Note that the Client Simulator must be installed on a different computer than the InduSoft runtime, since BACNet communicates via UDP.


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