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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Are You Taking Precautions?

The month of October is cyber security awareness month. InduSoft would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that cyber security can always be improved, and that if you’re not taking measures now to prevent cyber security threats, now is a wonderful time to start!

To get you started, ENMU-Ruidoso and the Business and Information Systems Department, ENMU-Ruidoso Cyberesecurity Center of Excellence has some cyber security tips. While these may be common sense, familiar actions for you, a brief reminder is always a great motivator for getting started:


Cyber security threats are not dwindling, particularly as we enter an era of much greater connectivity and cloud-based data storage. If you haven’t begun taking steps to protect your proprietary information, start now. The worst time to take on a security upgrade is after a breach has already occurred. Here are some more resources from InduSoft to get you started:

Security Modes in InduSoft Web Studio

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework from an Automation and Control Systems Perspective

More Thoughts on Cybersecurity for Intelligent Systems

SCADA Security Considerations

SCADA System Security Webinar

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