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Upgrade to InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 By March 31st and Receive a Year of Software Maintenance

Are you currently using InduSoft Web Studio v7.0, 6.1 or earlier? InduSoft is making a special offer available until the end of March. Upgrade to InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 from an older version, and we’ll include a year of free maintenance. The InduSoft annual maintenance agreement also includes free upgrades to new versions of InduSoft Web Studio.

Why Upgrade?

InduSoft works hard to make certain that upgrading to the newest version of our HMI/SCADA  software is hassle-free. Backward compatibility means that applications designed in older versions of InduSoft Web Studio can still be opened, edited, and easily configured to incorporate new features and graphics. You may keep both versions of the software installed simultaneously and work in either version.

Security for HMI and SCADA projects is an increasingly important consideration. InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 offers a wider range of security tools, like a distributed security system and LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory integration. The newest version of InduSoft Web Studio also offers a greater variety of ways to implement traceability and authentication procedures in your application, making audits and reporting requirements much easier to comply with.

Connectivity is also important, as many devices become integrated within a smart network, or older equipment is replaced. InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 HMI/SCADA software offers new drivers for protocols like Eaton ELC, Siemens, Opto 22, CAN, CANopen, and BACnet, along with OPC UA and OPC XML, in addition to the 240 native drivers already included.

With InduSoft Web Studio v7.1, you’ll have access to training videos and dozens of sample applications that showcase useful features that can be incorporated into your HMI projects.

Here are some other reasons you might want to consider taking advantage of this offer and making a switch:

  • Graphic enhancements include a wide variety of new graphics tools for visually impressive applications.
  • New Drivers for widely used protocols, including Eaton ELC, Siemens, Opto 22, CAN, CANopen, and BACnet. IEC and DNP3 for Energy/Power are available as add-ons.
  • Support is included for OPC UA and .Net with optional OPC XML.
  • Easy Configuration for Email and FTP has been added. While you can still use scripting, now you can use fill-in-the-blank forms to configure Email and FTP or SSL Email (Gmail)
  • In addition to InduSoft Web Studio and CEView licenses, a new EmbeddedView license gives you more options for licensing your project.
  • Intellectual Property Protection allows you to password protect screens, scripts and other documents.
  • Generate your own custom pallet of colors and share with other team members.
  • Trend tools enable you to create Statistical Process Control values with no programming required.
  • Tag Integration has been included for an ever increasing number of drivers. Use tags directly from the control program’s export.
  • Localized Development languages now include Japanese, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish and Chinese.
  • SMA or Mobile Access: View and optionally interact with your screens on iPad/iPhone or Android tablet or browser or any HTML5 compatible browser. No app to update or maintain.
  • Collaborative Server and Application Lifecycle Management
  • Multi Touch  gestures include: zoom/pan for screens; two-handed control (i.e., recognizing two different touches on the same screen); pre-configured gestures and inertia for the Position, Resize, and Rotation animations; and configurable touch events for the Command animation.
  • VBScript Debug tools are available.
  • Server based license options make licensing easier.
  • XML Import toolkit makes it easier to integrate XML pages.
  • Add or remove Tags during runtime with scripting.

To upgrade your application and start a free year of InduSoft Maintenance, please call or email us at

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