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InduSoft Releases New Case Study with the University of Texas

The United States Department of Energy has issued a challenge to energy production plants. The goal is to produce 20% of all energy in the United States through thermal energy that is currently unharnessed during the energy production process. Currently, countries such as Denmark produce 55% of their energy through ‘waste’ heat use.

This process, called Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP), allows energy plants to produce power from fuel sources such as biogas, coal, petroleum, natural gas, or nuclear energy, as well make use of the heat generated during the process. By harnessing heat that would ordinarily be lost, power generation facilities can improve the efficiency of their operations.

The University of Texas is at the forefront of CHP in the United States. Using cogeneration in a variety of energy production facilities, the university is able to provide 100% of the energy required to  operate over seventeen million square feet of campus area, including stadiums, labs, offices, classrooms, and theaters.

Learn more about how the University of Texas uses InduSoft Web Studio for energy metering in their plant here:

City-Sized University Powers Campus With Help From InduSoft Web Studio


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