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InduSoft Adds Two New Podcasts, Live From SPS/IPC/Drives in Germany

InduSoft spent last week in Germany for the SPS/IPC/Drives show in Germany. At the show, we had an opportunity to sit down with Thomas Burke of the OPC Foundation, and Robert Lowe of the Control System Integrator Association.

InduSoft at SPS/IPC/Drives Part I: Interview with Thomas Burke of the OPC Foundation
InduSoft takes a moment to sit down with Thomas Burke, President and Executive director of the OPC Foundation.
Tom tells us more about the OPC foundation, the beginning of the organization, and the evolution of OPC from OPC Data Access to OPC UA. He discusses how OPC UA offers solution to the needs of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, and talks about the future of the OPC Foundation.


InduSoft at SPS/IPC/Drives Part II: Interview with Robert Lowe of CSIA
InduSoft interviews Robert Lowe, Executive Director of CSIA (Control System Integrator Association) to learn more about the organization and the challenges faced by System Integrators both in the United States, and worldwide. Robert has an opportunity to discuss future iterations of the Best Practices Manual for System Integrators, and how the organization can help system integrators offer competitive services.

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