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New Patch Available for InduSoft Web Studio

The newest version of InduSoft Web Studio, InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3 + P4, is available for download! Patch 4 for InduSoft Web Studio offers some updated features and minor fixes that should make your experience with your HMI software a bit better.

Here’s a list of some of the things that have changed in the newest version:

  • Implemented new Data protection feature to encrypt sensitive information
  • Improved the Trend Control to allow ‘Cancel Window Zoom’ if the user stops and re-runs during the runtime.
  • Modified the GetHardkeySN() function to more easily return the updated value when removing or replacing the Hardkey after starting the application
  • Enabled the ShowMessageBox function when called by a Background Task
  • Modified Studio Mobile Access to support iOS8
  • Enhanced the login page to display more precise information when the logon fails
  • Modified the Mobile Access to display ‘????’ in the tag value when an invalid tag or an invalid array index is specified. Prior to this change Mobile Access would display System.Object

Download the newest version of InduSoft Web Studio here. You must be logged into your account. You can also get the update by visiting, logging into your account, and then visiting the Products and Downloads portion of the website.

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