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Eric Byres Retiring from Tofino Security

The team at InduSoft would like to acknowledge the retirement of Eric Byers from Tofino Security on January 30, 2015. Eric has been a long-time proponent and security expert developing an easy-to-use means to implement SCADA and Control System (and highly effective) security with little or no disruption to ongoing plant processes.

Eric has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to SCADA Cybersecurity and the issues involved. In 2005, he had already developed the initial principles around what is now known as the Tofino 2.0 cybersecurity appliance product line. Eric published many outstanding SCADA cybersecurity blogs and white papers, and eventually InduSoft, Invensys, and Schneider-Electric became strategic partners with Tofino; recommending the products on all hi-rel (e.g., nuclear and chemical safety shutdown) and critical infrastructure automation and control systems that have been designed, built and installed across the globe.

Eric and his wife, Joanne, posted a final blog on the Belden/Tofino website where they discuss the history of Tofino, our strategic partnerships, their future plans, and offer links to some of the more important security blogs about Stuxnet and Dragonfly, which every Automation/Control Systems Engineer and IT professional dealing with SCADA Cybersecurity should be aware of. We encourage you to take a moment to read it.

We would also like to personally take the opportunity to invite you to download your copy of InduSoft’s new Cybersecurity eBook, “InduSoft Application Design and SCADA Deployment Recommendations for Industrial Control System Security” along with the companion eBook/textbook authored by Professor Stephen Miller of ENMU-Ruidoso (co-authored by InduSoft), “Framework for SCADA Cybersecurity”.

The eBooks, which are available immediately on Smashwords as .mobi (Kindle), ePub, .pdf, and .doc format (and you can read it online on their website), are “name your own price”, and all profits go to the ENMU Foundation.

Also, remember to attend our Cybersecurity Webinar next week, where we will discuss the books, cybersecurity guidance, and Mr. Miller will go into a deeper dive on how to use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework in your own organization. Here is a link to register

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