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Set InduSoft Web Studio Application Language at Startup

Even when you have multiple languages configured for your InduSoft Web Studio HMI project, you must still specify which language you want your project to start in at runtime.

This procedure assumes that you have already added at least one target language to the Translation Table.

To set the language at startup:

  1. Open the Translation Table worksheet by doing one of the following.
    • On the Insert tab of the ribbon, in the Global group, click Translation; or
    • In the Global tab of the Project Explorer, double-click Translation.

The Translation Table worksheet is opened for editing.

  1. In the Startup target language list, select the language in which you want your project to start. The list of available languages includes the source language in which you developed the project and any target languages that you have added.
  2. Save and close the worksheet.

Note: Setting your project’s language will also automatically set the language of the Virtual Keyboard, as long as there is a keyboard configuration file for the selected language. Keyboard configuration files are stored at C:\Program Files\InduSoft Web Studio v7.1\Bin\VK**.ini, where ** is the two-letter language code.

You can directly set the language of the Virtual Keyboard, separate from the project’s language, by calling the SetKeyboardLanguage function during run time.

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