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Stadium Automation with InduSoft Web Studio

This automated stadium project was created by students Cristian Gallego, Juan Manuel Galiando and Jose Carlos Sanchez, and supervised by teacher and Mgs William Prado as a part of the InduSoft Web Studio educational licensing program. The main objective was to control a stadium, that has three components: an automated sunroof controlled by limit switches, a temperature and humidity sensor, and manual control through an InduSoft Web Studio HMI. Lighting includes both internal and external illumination powered by relays, which are controlled by software manually or set to a timer for 8:00PM. The last component includes monitoring of visitor entry to the stadium. For this component, a barrier sensor  registers each arrival and saves them to a text file.

To make the project the team used an Arduino sensor and InduSoft Web Studio. The SCADA system is accessible on a PC.

See the stadium automation project in action here!


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