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InduSoft Welcomes New Certified System Integrator: AES Control

InduSoft is pleased to welcome the newest Certified System Integrator for InduSoft Web Studio, AES Control.

AES Control, LLC was founded in January 2014 by Alvin Stewart after 34 years in the industrial automation industry. His experience includes discrete and process control. Spending 17 years in aerospace with Lockheed-Martin’s automation group, Alvin gained valuable experience in all areas of automation. Another 17 years in the commercial side of industrial automation allowed him to assist the customer in making informed decisions by carefully listening to their needs. Alvin’s industrial automation experience and the power of Indusoft Web Studio can help you make more informed decisions, making your process more efficient and reliable, and your company more profitable.

Visit AES Control, the newest InduSoft Web Studio Certified System Integrator. 

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