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Tips for Using InduSoft Web Studio to keep your Machine Running

Because InduSoft Web Studio has such a broad spectrum of capabilities, it’s impossible to truly list everything it’s capable of. However, there may be some ways of using InduSoft Web Studio that you haven’t implemented yet or just haven’t explored. Here are a few ways to use InduSoft to improve up-time that you might not have thought of, or maybe just haven’t built into your project yet.

With over 250 drivers, InduSoft Web Studio can:

  • Share information from one PLC brand to another. Even if one is Ethernet and one is serial
  • Collect information from legacy serial devices such as temperature controllers or older PLCs and send the information to a database
  • Allow you to add a new PLC but keep existing infrastructure. Continue to use RS-232 and RS-485 cables and connectors, and simply add a new PLC, controller or other device
  • Communicate between a  PLC (using built-in drivers) and OPC.

InduSoft Web Studio can also help with preventing shut down. For example, it can send critical alarms as SMS text messages, or play a sound bite over a loudspeaker to announce an alarm or critical information. InduSoft Web Studio can also play a pre-recorded video to highlight a step-by-step procedure for maintenance personnel or machine operators.

You can also:

  • Use InduSoft Web Studio to send an email with HTML style report attached. This is especially helpful for audits and standard compliance.
  • Set up a production monitor in under 15 minutes
  • Use the built-in OPC DA Server to add InduSoft Web Studio to an existing system
  • Use InduSoft as an add-on to an existing system and only use to collect data from the PLC and send it to a database. Only using a small, display-less, DIN rail mount PC.

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