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Thursday Podcast: Interview with Chuck Kelley, Expert in Database Technology

This week we are proud to speak with Chuck Kelley, an internationally known expert in database technology. He has over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of operational and production systems and data warehousing. Mr. Kelley has co-authored and contributed to four books about data warehousing and has been published in various trade magazines. More about Mr. Kelley and a full biography can be viewed after the transcript. Continue reading

Automation History – The First Embedded Car PC was introduced on Dec. 4, 1998

“1998 Dec 4, The first PC for the car, made by Clarion Co., went on sale for $1,299. It used a Microsoft operating system and responded to voice commands to change radio stations and CDs, check e-mail, and use global positioning.” Continue reading

Tips for Using InduSoft Web Studio to keep your Machine Running

Because InduSoft Web Studio has such a broad spectrum of capabilities, it’s impossible to truly list everything it’s capable of. However, there may be some ways of using InduSoft Web Studio that you haven’t implemented yet or just haven’t explored. Here are a few ways to use InduSoft to improve up-time that you might not have thought of, or maybe just haven’t built into your project yet. Continue reading