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Trends in automation: The Expanding Role of IoT for Consumers and Automation

The Internet of Things continues to be visible in everyday devices.  My Microsoft band sends data on my exercise, sleep, and other daily living metrics to the cloud.  My bathroom scale sends data on my weight and BMI.  Eventually, applications … Continue reading

History of Automation: February 19 1878 – Thomas Edison Patents the Phonograph and Leads Innovation in Recorded Data

On this day in 1878, Thomas Edison patented the Phonograph, a device that designed to record and reproduce audio recordings. The phonograph utilized audio recorded by recreating audio vibrations in corresponding physical deviations of a spiral groove engraved, etched, incised, or impressed into the surface of a rotating cylinder or disc. The earliest versions of the phonograph used embossed tin or wax cylinders, but later development led to etched discs that became the vinyl “records” still in use today. Continue reading

You Asked, We Answered – You Can Now get InduSoft T-shirts When You Watch Webinars Online!

InduSoft has been sending out free t-shirts as a thank-you for attending our webinars for many years, but we’ve always had people ask us if they could participate when time zones prevent them from attending the live events, or busy schedules exclude them.

We’ve finally set up a way to include everyone in our t-shirt campaign! At the moment, only our most recent webinar includes this promotion, but look for it going forward! Continue reading

Trends in Automation: New Stentrode Could Enable Brain Machine Interfaces without Invasive Surgery

This month, DARPA announced that a research team has developed a neural-recording device that can be implanted through blood vessels like a stent. This device was created with the funding of DARPA’s Reliable Neural-Interface Technology (RE-NET) program. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Wins as Best HMI Software in Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award

InduSoft has received recognition from Control Engineering in 2016 for exceptional HMI Software for industrial automation. This year, InduSoft is the winner of the Software – HMI Software Category, which recognized InduSoft Web Studio 8.0, and the new IoTView. Continue reading

Thursday Podcast: SCADA/HMI Security with Richard Clark

Mr. Clark has been in Automation, Process System, and Control System design and implementation for more than 25 years and was employed by Wonderware, where he developed a non-proprietary means of using IP-Sec for securing current and legacy Automation, SCADA, and Process Control Systems, and developed non-proprietary IT security techniques. He is an industry expert by peer review and spokesperson on IT security; consultant, analyst and voting member of ISA- SP99. He is a contributor to PCSF Vendor Forum, consultant to NIST and other government labs and NSA during the development of NIST Special Publication 800-82. He has published engineering white papers, manuals, and instruction documents, developed and given classes and lectures on the topic of ICS/SCADA Security. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: Horizontal Rounded Bars

This week’s InduSoft Web Studio symbol features a colorful array of horizontal bars that can be used to show trend values, machine efficiency, or any other tag value. This symbol was designed to work well on dark backgrounds, and would be idea for mobile and remote applications. Continue reading

Become an InduSoft Certified System Integrator or Complete Annual Recertification with our Online Test!

Now we’ve made it easier to enroll in the program by creating an online Certified System Integrator test that will let you know whether you qualify for the program immediately after completion. The online test also streamlines the process of re-certification for the program.

The online examination is accessible through the InduSoft CSI Portal. To access the CSI portal, you must first be registered on the InduSoft website and we need to have your log on email address identified as a Certified System Integrator. Anyone from your organization can access the CSI portal, which in addition to the on-line examination, contains useful information and easy access links for training and technical documents. Continue reading