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Become an InduSoft Certified System Integrator or Complete Annual Recertification with our Online Test!

InduSoft has developed a new process for becoming a part of the InduSoft Certified System Integrator program. This free program offers many benefits, such as:

  • Free Development Software.
  • Special Pricing on Toolkits and Import Wizards.
  • Free technical training.
  • No Annual Support Fees
  • Marketing Support. As a Certified System Integrator
  • Customer Leads

Now we’ve made it easier to enroll in the program by creating an online Certified System Integrator test that will let you know whether you qualify for the program immediately after completion. The online test also streamlines the process of re-certification for the program.

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Already an InduSoft Certified System Integrator? Now you can Re-register Online!

The online examination for yearly recertification is accessible through the InduSoft CSI Portal. To access the CSI portal, you must first be registered on the InduSoft website and we need to have your log on email address identified as a Certified System Integrator. Anyone from your organization can access the CSI portal, which in addition to the on-line examination, contains useful information and easy access links for training and technical documents.

a.       To Register, go to the InduSoft website and click on the Register link in the upper right hand corner. Enter your email address and password. If you are already a registered user, click the Logon link instead and enter your logon credentials

b.       If you have just registered for the first time, or cannot access the CSI portal under the link Partners / Certified Systems Integrators, please send an email to with your log on email address, your name, company name and request that you have access to the CSI portal. Multiple people from a Certified System Integrator can have access to the CSI portal.

c.        If you are a registered user and have access to the CSI portal, click on the Partners Link in the ribbon, next click on Certified Systems Integrator and then click on CSI Portal. This will take you to the CSI Portal page. Once you have entered the CSI Portal, you can access information and/or take the CSI on-line examination.


The InduSoft Web Studio Online Examination for Certified System Integrators

The online examination consists of 60 randomly selected questions for a pool of over 200 questions. The questions can be simple true/false or multiple choice with one or more correct answers. As such, the total points will vary from test to test. Multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer will receive one point for each correct answer. Incorrect answers do not deduct from your total points. To pass the examination, you must receive a passing grade of 75% or higher.

There is no time limit to the examination and you can complete an examination that has already been started at a later time if you need to attend to other matters. The test is meant to be “open book” meaning that you can use notes from a training class or even have the InduSoft software open an the same PC or another PC for your reference. The test was designed to ensure that our Certified Integrators know our software with a reasonable level of expertise. Test results are returned at the end of the testing session. If you do not achieve the required 75% passing grade, you can take the test again. There is no minimum waiting period in order to retake the test.

We hope that you will find this on-line examination easier to complete. The online exam most certainly this will allow us to speed up the recertification process. The examination results will be forwarded to the appropriate individuals at InduSoft, and if you successfully complete the online examination, you will receive confirmation of your certification shortly thereafter.

If you have recently started the recertification process by submitting a written examination and project for review, please note that this can take a few weeks to complete. You can wait for this process to complete or you can take the new online Exam as outlined above, whichever you prefer.

Thanks you for being part of our InduSoft Certified Systems Integrator Program. Be sure to take advantage of the benefits of this program.

We appreciate you being part of the InduSoft family and look forward to helping you. Please let us know of any questions or comments.

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