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You Asked, We Answered – You Can Now get InduSoft T-shirts When You Watch Webinars Online!

InduSoft has been sending out free t-shirts as a thank-you for attending our webinars for many years, but we’ve always had people ask us if they could participate when time zones prevent them from attending the live events, or busy schedules exclude them.

We’ve finally set up a way to include everyone in our t-shirt campaign! At the moment, only our most recent webinar includes this promotion, but look for it going forward!


InduSoft Web Studio and MQTT for Internet of Things Applications

To get your free InduSoft T-shirt for watching a webinar, just come to the InduSoft Video Library and select Webinars.

Next, choose the webinar you want to watch and find the hidden InduSoft Alien during the video (don’t worry, he’s easy to spot). Videos before Feb. 17 2016 do not have the alien, so look for the info on the webinar page to make sure the webinar is included.

Once you’ve found him, just send an email to with the subject: Alien Sighting

To receive your T-shirt, please include the following information:


Company Name:

Mailing Address:

Webinar you watched:

Time signature where the Alien appears:


We’ll let you know when we get your email, and your t-shirt will be on its way!


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