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History of Automation: FEBRUARY 05, 1878 – Andre Citroen Revolutionizes the European Automotive Industry

Today marks the birthday of Andre Citroen, the man who would go on to revolutionize the automotive industry for Europe much like Henry Ford did in America. Andre was born in Paris in 1878, and had a tumultuous life as a child. However, his love of engineering was stirred by an interest in the works of Jules Verne and the construction of the Eiffel Tower, and he eventually graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1900. Continue reading

Thursday Podcast: Paulo Guerra on the InduSoft Educational Program

Today we’re speaking with Paulo Guerra, who helped develop the educational edition of InduSoft Web Studio. Paulo graduated with a degree in Control Engineering in 2008 while working with system integrators with a big focus on software development for SCADA, HMI, and other proprietary systems. Paulo joined InduSoft in Brazil in 2010, working with support, QA, and the consulting services team. Paulo created the InduSoft Web Studio educational program, and assisted in development of the InduSoft Web Studio Educational version of the product. He transferred to the USA in 2013, and has worked with the consulting services team to specify, manage, and develop SCADA/HMI templates for wide array of industries. Paulo is now head of the consulting services team at InduSoft. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks: InduSoft Web Studio Driver Worksheet Overview

In InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, there are two types of driver worksheets that users may utilize to configure communications: the standard driver worksheet and the main driver worksheet. Either of these worksheets may be used to scale tag values right in the worksheet. For example a 4-20mA signal that is read as a value from 0-4095 can be converted to a range that applies to engineering units such as temperature or pressure. Each type of driver worksheet has its own unique advantages. This is a compilation of information we have found to be useful to customers over the years, The general purpose of the driver worksheet is to associate Indusoft project tags with registers or memory locations in a remote device, such as a PLC or other type of controller, and provide a means of triggering Read or Write requests to implement the data exchange between the Indusoft Web Studio project and the device. Continue reading