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History of Automation: The first Machine Patent in the New World, March 1646

“The Cort, considering the necessity of raising such manufactures of engines of mils to go by water, for speedy dispatch of much worke with few hands, & being sufficiently informed of the ability of the petions to pforme such workes, grant his petition (yt no othr pson shall set up or use any such new invention or trade for fourteen yeares, without the licence of him, the said Joseph Jenkes”

Joseph Jenkes was born in 1599 in London, and came with early English Colonists to North America in 1643. Three years later, he was awarded the first patent in North America for a design for scythes that was used for three centuries. He was also commissioned by the city of Boston to build the first fire engine in North America. His contributions to early technology are showcased in the Saugus Iron WorksNational Historic Site.

We are fortunate to have early precedents for patenting technology in the United States, and a strong culture of innovation. In The Takeaway’s recent quest to discover America’s greatest invention, it settled on the Transistor, without which there would be no miniaturization of technology. Because of this invention we are able to enjoy computers, cell phones, GPS devices, and many of the connected devices that will form the wave of the IoT future.

InduSoft has even secured its own patents, such as the patent for a Method and System For Communicating Between an Embedded Device and Relational Databases.

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