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The History of Automation: The Life of Albert Einstein and his Impact on Technology

This week in history famed mathematician and theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879. His studies led him to developing his most famous theory, the theory of Relativity. The formula for this theory is E = mc².

Einstein made significant contributions to the understanding of quantum physics, thermodynamics, and the calculation of energy.


Einstein is often attributed to the development of nuclear energy and the atomic bomb, but we often encounter the results of his theories in everyday life, and some aspects of industrial automation would be impossible without his work. Some examples of technology he helped to shape with his studies on light, gravitation pull, and energy include GPS technology, digital cameras, and lasers. He is also responsible for technology such as solar cells, thanks to his research on how light can be converted into energy.

In the future it’s possible that we may be able to use quantum computers, and it is speculated that such a technological shift could revolutionize the 21st century in the same way the 19th century experienced multiple technical revolutions.

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