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History of Automation: Mark David Weiser Predicts IoT in 1988

Mark David Weiser, who died this week in 1999, was a visionary in the field of computer science. Weiser worked as the CTO of Xerox, and was embracing the future of IoT well before the internet was widely accessible. His vision of “ubiquitous computing” almost perfectly describes today’s Internet of Things. He described ubiquitous computing as a future in which personal computers would be be replaced with tiny computers embedded in “smart” devices (everyday items such as coffeepots and copy machines) and share network connections. Continue reading

Automation for the Pharmaceutical Industry Growing to Meet Regulatory Standards

The pharmaceutical industry brings with it unique challenges. For one, regulation is far stricter than in most other manufacturing processes, often requiring climate controlled facilities and tamper-evident packaging to ensure the integrity and safety of every product manufactured. InduSoft Web … Continue reading

New InduSoft Web Studio On-Site Training in Spanish: Primer Entrenamiento de Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio en Español

InduSoft ofrece cursos de entrenamiento para nuestro clientes con el objetivo aumentar la velocidad, visión y capacidad para la implementación de proyectos. El formato interactivo y práctico de esta clase asegura que los estudiantes adquieran las habilidades necesarias para utilizar Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio con éxito. Continue reading

History of Automation: Parts Standardization

In 1813, a government contract instituted a new standard for an order of twenty thousand pistols ordered from the contractor, Col. Simeon North of Berlin, Conn. According to the contract, these pistols had to be made to the following specifications: “component parts of the pistols are to correspond so exactly that any limb or part of one pistol may be fitted to any other pistol of the 20,000.” Continue reading

Water Security Concerns for the Water/Wastewater Industry

Water Security Concerns are among the key challenges that water/wastewater engineers with encounter over the next 5 years. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that improving the security and resilience of drinking water and wastewater infrastructures is vital to ensuring the supply of safe and clean water across the United States. Continue reading

Maintaining Functionality between 32-Bit and 64-Bit ODBC Database Engines (Providers) and InduSoft Web Studio

The InduSoft Web Studio Windows Runtime is a 32-bit application, and is currently maintained this way due to compatibility needs across a wide range of operating systems and platforms, including embedded and tiny platforms running on Windows CE, Windows Embedded and similar platforms. Continue reading

Filling “The Huge Void” In the Internet of Things

Simon Bisson recently (and correctly) pointed out that “There’s a Huge Gap at the Heart of the Internet of Things” in an article that showcases the main reason that the smoothly running interconnected systems promised by the Internet of Things haven’t yet manifested in many industries. Continue reading