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The Exponential Growth of the Cloud: Introducing the Newest Industrial Trend – IIIIoT ( I4oT)

A few years ago, the Internet of Things(IoT) was an idea, slowly creeping its way into common parlance. Soon after came the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which put the practice of using small, internet connected devices capable of sharing information into an industrial setting, allowing machines or even components to share information freely with the cloud.


Last year InduSoft released IoTView for InduSoft Web Studio, which allowed machine builders, manufacturers, and systems integrators to easily create IoT enabled applications for embedded machines running on operating systems like Linux and VXWorks.

Now it’s time for something even better than IIoT! We are the first to announce the release of the newest phase of this evolution with IIIIoT ( I4oT), the Incredible InduSoft Industrial Internet of Things! The Incredible InduSoft Industrial Internet of Things is a new approach to developing internet enabled applications for embedded devices!

I4oT improves on the concept of IIoT by adding more devices to your IoT solution and using InduSoft Web Studio as the gateway to connect them all. Instead of the chaos of managing multiple internet enabled systems that don’t mesh well together, try I4oT to streamline them into one seamless application of interlinked systems that enable operators to view the overall efficiency and productivity of every connected device.

The Incredible InduSoft Industrial Internet of Things, IIIIoT  (I4oT), is, of course, an idea that could only exist as an APRIL FOOL’s prank, but nomenclature aside, the concepts are very real! InduSoft Web Studio and InduSoft IoTView are the only software tools you need to create robust, reliable and easily integrated IoT applications.

It’s not all about Industry Acronyms, it’s about real functionality!


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