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Water Security Concerns for the Water/Wastewater Industry

Water Security Concerns are among the key challenges that water/wastewater engineers with encounter over the next 5 years. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that improving the security and resilience of drinking water and wastewater infrastructures is vital to ensuring the supply of safe and clean water across the United States.

With national crises like the lead contamination in Flint, Michican, the EPA has taken steps to regulate water/wastewater more stringently. But it’s not only the safety of the water that the EPA is concerned with. There is a significant need to access and reduce the vulnerabilities to water infrastructure that could come as a result of domestic or foreign terrorist attacks. The EPA also suggest additional action to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and create new security protocols designed to contain and prevent security breaches.

These mitigation protocols must be in place to ensure secure sources of water not just in the United States, but globally, particularly in areas where water scarcity as a result of climate change and mismanagement threaten supply. Secure water requires the buy-in of every level, from water and wastewater utility managers to elected and appointed officials.

Unfortunately, many field managers have the mindset that water security ends with meeting the current requirements for water use. This simply is not the case, particularly in a time when many municipal and public water facilities use the Cloud to send and receive information. While remote monitoring and cloud-based applications are convenient, they must be secured to truly be effective.

Software like InduSoft Web Studio can help water/wastewater field managers create secure HMI and SCADA applications for water processing facilities, and help to mitigate the risks of either a cybersecurity breath or problems within the water system by creating alarms and allowing operators access to their systems either on-site or remotely.

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