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The Anatomy of the InduSoft Web Studio Development Environment

If you’ve never used InduSoft Web Studio before, a familiarity with the development environment can help speed along the process of developing HMI/SCADA applications in InduSoft Web Studio. Here’s a look at the development environment, and where you can find most of the tools:

InduSoft Web Studio incorporates a modern, Ribbon-based Windows interface to provide an integrated and user-friendly development environment.



  • Title Bar
    The Title Bar located along the top of the development environment displays the application name (e.g., InduSoft Web Studio) followed by the name of the active screen or worksheet (if any).
  • Status Bar
    The Status Bar located along the bottom of the development environment provides information about the active screen (if any) and the state of the application.
  • Application button
    The Application button opens a menu of standard Windows application commands like New, Open, Save, Print, and Close.
  • Quick Access Toolbar
    The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable toolbar that contains a set of commands that are independent of the ribbon tab that is currently displayed.
  • Ribbon
    The new ribbon combines the numerous menus and toolbars from the previous version of IWS into a single, user-friendly interface. Almost all application commands are now on the ribbon, organized into tabs and groups according to general usage.
  • Project Explorer
    The Project Explorer organizes all of the screens, worksheets, and other items that comprise your project and presents them in an expandable tree-view.
  • Screen/Worksheet Editor
    Use the powerful, object-oriented screen editor to create and edit a variety of screens and worksheets for your projects. You can input information using your mouse and keyboard, output control data to your processes, and automatically update screens based on data input from your processes.

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