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Newly Updated Drivers for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft has recently made some updates to some of our most popular communication protocol drivers. These updates bring advanced functionality to a few of the 250+ drivers available for InduSoft Web Studio.

Here are the drivers that have been updated for this release:

Driver  Name Version Device Description
ABTCP 10.9 Family PLC, SoftPLC Improved functionality for this driver
BACNE 3.9 BACNet Devices Improved functionality for this driver
OMETH 10.11 CS1 series / CJ1/CJ2 series (using CS1 mode) / CV / CVM1 / CVM1D series (using CV mode) Implemented new header to allow reading strings from NJ PLCs
TWCAT 1.19 TwinCAT PLC Improved writing of Real and Integer tags to Boolean Variables in PLC
TI500 1.13 TI PLC Improved functionality for this driver


Download these or any of the InduSoft Web Studio drivers.

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