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New “Highly Dextrous” Robot Capable of Unscrewing bottle caps, Tying a Knot, and Lifting over 100lbs

RE2 unveiled a highly advanced robot last week that’s slated to be used by the United States Military’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC). This development in robotics is significant due to the high level of dexterity the new robot is capable of achieving, which allow it to use one arm as a stabilizing device while the other manipulates an object, lift over 100lbs (despite only weight a diminutive 33lbs) and is vehicle independent. Continue reading

Massive Listeria Recalls in the US Highlight Need for Food Manufacturers to Improve Traceability

Food recalls are growing more common, with a massive frozen food recall for Listeria contamination in the United States that includes 358 products. It is estimated that the annual cost of medical treatment, lost productivity and food illness-related mortality in the United States may be $93 billion, mostly due to Salmonella and Listeria. Over 90% of recalls were the result of salmonella contamination, affecting more than 4.3 million pounds. What is even more shocking is that this number is ten times greater than in 2014. Continue reading

Protecting IoT Ecosystems from Malicious Apps and Attacks

In today’s video posted by cybersecurity researchers at the University of Michigan it’s possible to see how hackers can gain direct access to an IoT ecosystem. In this case, they hacked into Samsung’s SmartThings and were able to get access to and reprogram PIN codes used to unlock doors to a smart home. Continue reading