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50% Clean Energy by 2025 in North America

Things look dire in the struggle to mitigate climate change. Nature reports that the carbon reduction pledges signed during the Paris Agreement will be inadequate in limiting global climate change to the 1.5 degrees Celsius hoped for during the talks. In fact, the ability to prevent that much change may already have closed. The Wall Street Journal has announced that even Exxon Mobile has begun advocating a carbon tax to better control carbon emissions. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: Alarm Set Point with Indicator

This symbol for InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA applications includes Read and Write alarm setpoints (HiHi, Hi, Lo, and LoLo), and shows the value of the tag and Units. A red circle will show next to the alarm limit when reached. Continue reading

Microsoft Brings Hand Tracking To Virtual Reality for New Ways to Interface with Machines

Microsoft share this video today, along with a blog post discussing some of the ways that machine vision and virtual reality are coming together in new technology to help make use of the stunning complexity of hand gestures. They also seek to bridge the gap between virtual reality environments where input must be registered through a handheld sensor versus the hand itself. Continue reading

Obama Administration Makes Plans to Scale up Renewable Energy and Storage

Last week, The Obama administration announced a plan to update the power grid of the United States with smart technology and more power drawn from renewable energy resources. According to the administration’s press release, the United States doubled the installed capacity of the advanced energy storage to 500 MW, and continued growth is expected. Continue reading

The History of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power, which has been available since 1957 for commercial use, offers one attractive alternative to carbon-emitting fuels like coal or gasoline. It’s estimated that the demand for electricity in the United States alone will rise 22% by 2040, and nuclear energy offers a low-carbon alternative to supply that energy. However, nuclear energy is also not without controversy due to highly publicized and dangerous accidents and potential for catastrophic failures. Continue reading

Luminati Solar Powered Manned Plane Might be Predecessor to Solar Drones

A pilot flew a manned aircraft operating fully on solar power for about twenty minutes last Friday. While solar powered aircraft are not new, this prototype by Luminati Aerospace LLC may be the precursor to unmanned solar-powered drones capable of flying at 60,000 feet and delivering internet access globally. Luminati Aerospace isn’t answering any questions about which large companies may be behind the project, but it is speculated that Google or Apple may have a role. Continue reading

The 10 most Sustainable Alternative Energy Sources

Current flooding in Paris and Texas are only the most recent ways we are beginning to see the effects of climate change in our weather patterns. In an effort to explore alternative energy sources that can help offset our carbon footprint and mitigate climate change, InduSoft is taking a look at some of the more sustainable and low-carbon sources of energy available now.

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