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Obama Administration Makes Plans to Scale up Renewable Energy and Storage

Last week, The Obama administration announced a plan to update the power grid of the United States with smart technology and more power drawn from renewable energy resources. According to the administration’s press release, the United States doubled the installed capacity of the advanced energy storage to 500 MW, and continued growth is expected.

FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Federal and Private Sector Actions on Scaling Renewable Energy and Storage with Smart Markets


According to the report, the white house will be hosting a Summit on Scaling Renewable Energy and Storage with Smart Markets.

“The Summit brings together regulators, power companies, municipalities, and energy developers that are leading efforts to promote smart electricity markets and greater grid integration of renewable energy and flexible resources such as energy storage. “

Obama’s new plan includes executive actions and 33 state and private sector commitments that will accelerate the grid integration of renewable energy and storage.  These actions are estimated to add at least 1.3 gigawatts of additional storage procurement or deployment in the next five years.

The smart grid will employ computer-based remote control and communication technologies to help utility workers monitor and gather data about energy usage, energy sources, demand, supply, and more. Smart metering has already been applied to power plants and wind farms, and has been used widely in facility automation.

The government is also making a push for funding microgrids in rural areas, and standardizing offer more transparent and better monitored energy data.

Tax subsidies may be offered to power companies committed to using smart meters, water heaters, and demand response programs. Large grid operators also announced new projects and targets for states’ energy supply.


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