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Microsoft Brings Hand Tracking To Virtual Reality for New Ways to Interface with Machines

Microsoft share this video today, along with a blog post discussing some of the ways that machine vision and virtual reality are coming together in new technology to help make use of the stunning complexity of hand gestures. They also seek to bridge the gap between virtual reality environments where input must be registered through a handheld sensor versus the hand itself.

Microsoft also discusses ways that machine vision systems such as the Kinect can be used to allow users to interact with virtual objects on a screen.

While such technology was originally developed for gaming, it has had a large impact on the world of research and development of machine interfaces. There are even applications for gesture-based interfaces in the industrial automation sector, where gestures can keep hands clear of dangerous machinery, or allow operators to work safely on machines located in remote or inhospitable environments.


InduSoft Web Studio and Gesture

InduSoft, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has been preparing InduSoft Web Studio to incorporate gesture based controls and machine vision systems for years.  Students in Colombia have even constructed a working example of a home automation application using a Microsoft Kinect and InduSoft Web Studio.

In addition to virtual hands, InduSoft Web Studio also supports 10 point multitouch interfaces, where uses can employ inertia in dragging, pinch to zoom, and two-finger button presses.

We are excited to see how machine vision and virtual reality are combined with haptic feedback in the future. There are many possibilities for industrial automation, and InduSoft will be ready to support them!

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