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New InduSoft Case Study: Remote Capabilities Improve Efficiency for Ethanol Plant in Competitive Thai Alternative Energy Market

The Thai Roong Ruang Energy Co., Ltd.’s bio-ethanol plant provides sugar production, namely molasses and bagasse, as feedstocks for the production of fuel ethanol. This will help Thailand reduce its dependence on imported oil and fossil fuels. Continue reading

June is Alternative Energy Month at InduSoft

This June, InduSoft is going to focus on the Alternative Energy industry. As the Norther hemisphere starts cranking up our air conditioners and driving for summer holidays it’s a great time to focus on the ways energy demands, consumer habits, and the variety of fuel sources are changing the landscape of fuel. Continue reading

The Department of Defense IT system is 53 Years Old – What’s your Plan for Legacy Systems?

According to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office, the reported age of the IT infrastructure in place for the United States’ nuclear program is 53 years old, and uses 8” floppy disks for critical storage. While there are … Continue reading