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A Short History of Malware Leading to Stuxnet

Following two widely publicized hacks on the DNC and DCCC in the past weeks, we thought it might be an appropriate time to look at the history of Malware. Attacks like these show that everyone is vulnerable to attacks, and it’s important to be aware of risk factors in order to mitigate the chances of a cyberattack as much as possible. Continue reading

Harvard Research Reveals a Revolution in Soft Robotics

New research from Harvard’s engineering program has enabled engineers to create a better ‘soft’ robot that vastly improves on older methods of making flexible robotics that mimic the way muscles and tissue move in nature. The research appears in Advanced Materials this month. Continue reading

Pokemon Go, Rapid Adoption of Augmented Reality, and Implications for Industrial Automation

Augmented reality changed in the United States and Australia over the course of one weekend, as Pokemon Go’s launch has proven that the combination of nostalgia, game mechanics, and augmented reality visuals is a key to market success in mobile gaming. Continue reading

You’ve Been a Part of InduSoft Web Studio’s History – Be a Part of Our Future By Upgrading to 8.0!

InduSoft was first released in September of 1996 for use with Windows 3.0’s 16bit operating system. Thanks to backward compatibility, InduSoft files created in version 1.0 can still be opened and changed today – a rare feat in SCADA/HMI software history. Continue reading