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A Short History of Malware Leading to Stuxnet

Following two widely publicized hacks on the DNC and DCCC in the past weeks, we thought it might be an appropriate time to look at the history of Malware. Attacks like these show that everyone is vulnerable to attacks, and it’s important to be aware of risk factors in order to mitigate the chances of a cyberattack as much as possible. Continue reading

Why System Integrators Who Don’t Embrace IIoT Risk Being Left Behind

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrie 4.0, and Made in China 2025 are being supported by hardware, software, and government initiatives worldwide. Gartner projects 21 billion devices will be connected to networks by 2020. Hardware manufacturers are increasingly developing products with IIoT capabilities, while software developers like InduSoft are finding ways to connect that hardware to industrial HMI and SCADA systems. Continue reading

Harvard Research Reveals a Revolution in Soft Robotics

New research from Harvard’s engineering program has enabled engineers to create a better ‘soft’ robot that vastly improves on older methods of making flexible robotics that mimic the way muscles and tissue move in nature. The research appears in Advanced Materials this month. Continue reading

Create a User Identity for More Secure InduSoft Web Studio HMI Applications

One way to make your InduSoft Web Studio application more secure is to create users within the security settings. This will enable you to make certain that you can log which user takes which actions, or restrict information or access to the application based on user level. Continue reading