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The Power of SNMP for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft has just released a new SNMP driver for InduSoft Web Studio. This driver allows native communications with SNMP v1 and v2 Compatible Devices, such as switches, bridges, routers, access servers, computer hosts, hubs, and printers.

InduSoft Web Studio already has SNMP features within the HMI/SCADA software such as SNMPGet() and SNMPSet() functions, and the capability to send traps based on tag changes.

With the new SNMP Driver, we have expended the SNMP capabilities of InduSoft Web Studio. Not only can we Set and Get values to and from a device’s OIDs, but now we can also receive Traps generated by these devices. The SNMP driver supports the SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 specifications, and is available for the full InduSoft Web Studio SCADA/HMI software platform, or the EmbeddedView version of the software for embedded HMIs.

Download the SNMP Driver for InduSoft web Studio

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