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September is Food Safety Month!

This September marks the 22nd anniversary of National Food Safety Month (NFSM). Food safety and quality standards play a large role in the design and implementation of food processing, and InduSoft has worked hard to develop HMI software that enables machine builders and system integrators in the food and beverage industry to adhere to the strict health and safety guidelines set by government and independent regulatory agencies.

KPMG’s Food and Beverage Industry Outlook survey reveals that businesses are apprehensive of industry challenges such as new regulations from the Food Safety Modernization Act, and profitability may suffer as prices of commodities rise or fluctuate. In order to protect margins, many companies are searching for ways to make production lines more efficient, reduce supply-chain costs,  automate monitoring capabilities, and modernize traceability for easier auditing and recalls. Food safety is becoming more focused on prevention over rapid response, which goes beyond HAACP.


InduSoft Web Studio offers tools such as automated reports that can be stored in a database or historian to meet  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and SQF regulations, and InduSoft Web Studio has been used as a platform for cooling and refrigeration systems that require constant monitoring of facility temperatures.

Batch and recipe tools can be used to track production data for finished product and aid operators in the event of a recall or audit. InduSoft Web Studio can also be used to trace food safety during the handling and packaging process.

Better monitoring not only makes it easier to adhere to regulatory standards, but it saves time and human resources, and allows plant managers to track machine performance and do preventative maintenance before problems occur.

To learn more about food safety in food and beverage processing, please visit the InduSoft Food and Beverage industry page for videos, webinar, case studies, and more.


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