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InduSoft Attended the Annual PMMI Meeting and Technology Test Drive

InduSoft had the opportunity to attend the yearly PMMI (The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies) meeting this week. We’ve made a note of some of our observations so that packaging professionals who weren’t able to attend can get some insight into where the industry is heading.


John Partin and Matteo Stagni Showcase InduSoft Web Studio

John Partin and Matteo Stagni Showcase InduSoft Web Studio

End to End Track and Trace

The concept of serialization for individual products is gaining ground especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where individual pills or packages can be tracked from manufacture to point of sale. However, this may have uses in food and beverage, where food contamination recalls can be sped up or even prevented when manufacturers are able to pull specific products, rather than recall an entire line.


Augmented Reality

It’s not just for smartphone and tablet games! Augmented reality is gaining steam among packaging professionals, especially in the realm of concept and package manufacturing. In an interesting coincidence, while augmented reality was the talk of PMMI, an InduSoft engineer was visiting a client elsewhere to  demonstrate a 3D CAD following his in-air gestures.

Soon InduSoft will be gearing up to attend Pack Expo in 2016! What trends do you think will spark the most interest this year?


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