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Industries that May See a Boost Under a Trump Presidency

InduSoft is nonpartisan and will remain so, however the months before the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump will be fraught with speculation. We offer our own opinion on what the future may hold for some industries that are poised to profit in the next US presidency while admitting that until and if policy is enacted, this is only our best guess of the industries that may grow and expand during the next four years.


Industries poised to expand

Coal – Trump has promised to restore the livelihoods of coal workers, and has sparked new interest in coal. He has also promised to eliminate the Clean Power Plan. This may conflict with current international agreements related to carbon emissions, however.

Oil and Gas – Trump has promised to develop oil and gas infrastructure like the Keystone XL pipeline, and there is talk that he may appoint fracking executive Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary. Trump has promised to roll back regulations on oil and gas and increase drilling on federal lands.

Detention – Stocks in the private prison industry rose sharply on news of Donald Trump’s election. There is speculation that the private detention industry will play a large role in the planned deportation of undocumented people inside the United States.

Infrastructure – Trump has promised an increase in infrastructure spending. While this may be a bipartisan effort with a high chance of being enacted, it will depend on how such plans are funded – whether through government expenditures or as tax credits to privately owned businesses. In either case, investment in public infrastructure will likely be high.

Biotech – Biotech and Pharmaceutical manufacturers were worried about a Clinton presidency, given the likelihood of increased pricing regulation. Trump has made no such promises, and so there is increased confidence among pharmaceutical companies that pricing structures will be allowed to remain in place.

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