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What Voice Control Interfaces Might Mean for Noisy Plants

AI and machine interface experts have had much to say in recent years about how we will use our voices to interface with our machines in the coming years. They point to products like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Echo that are enabling users to interact with their machines without touching screens or using their hands at all. The artificial intelligence is still in early stages, but quite a lot is already possible if you know how to communicate with these machines in ways they understand. Continue reading

Industrial Automation Trends for 2017 and Beyond

During this time of year InduSoft always likes to look forward to the future of industrial automation and try to get ahead of trends that both machine builders, system integrators, and end-users will start incorporating into their applications (if they aren’t already). Here are some of the top technologies we forecast will start playing a large role in industrial automation. Continue reading

Using VBScript with InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA Applications

InduSoft Web Studio supports both a simple, proprietary scripting language (worksheet style) using one or more Math worksheets, as well as VBScript. Developers can use either scripting language or a combination of both. VBScript code is placed in one of several modules, based on the functionality to be performed and the scope of the code and its variables. Continue reading

2016 in Review: The Top Five Trends We Noticed in Industrial Automation Software This Year

2016 has been a year of technological transformation, and we have seen the emergence of several trends this year that we expect to carry on into 2017 and beyond, particularly in how automation software is deployed and used. Here is our list of emerging automation software trends that will continue to shape HMI/SCADA for some time. Continue reading

Companies Continuing to Divest from Fossil Fuels in 2016

Although signs from the upcoming presidential administration in the United States point to a fossil-fuel friendly strategy, investing titans are making moves to divest from fossil fuels going forward. 5.2 Trillion dollars have been divested or will be divested, according to a report. Most of the offloading of fossil-fuels come in Europe, where there is strong commitment to the Paris Accords that went into effect this year. Continue reading

A History of Embedded and low-end Windows Operating Systems

The first major success story in small-footprint Windows operating systems was Windows Embedded CE (also known as “Windows CE”), which  emerged as a strong standard platform for embedded systems, especially in Industrial Automation. During the launch of Windows 8, there … Continue reading