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Using VBScript with InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA Applications

InduSoft Web Studio supports both a simple, proprietary scripting language (worksheet style) using one or more Math worksheets, as well as VBScript. Developers can use either scripting language or a combination of both. VBScript code is placed in one of several modules, based on the functionality to be performed and the scope of the code and its variables.

Examples of how VBScript can be used in InduSoft Web Studio:

• To execute a logic sequence or a routine when opening or closing a screen, or while the screen is open

• To execute a logic sequence in the background

• Run a simple VBScipt code segment based on an IWS object’s command dynamic

• Interaction with IWS Tags and control of IWS built-in functions

• Manipulation of ActiveX Controls and ActiveX Control event handler

• Simple file I/O (e.g. text files)

• Database interfaces (e.g. via ADO.NET), especially where use of SQL is required

• Interface to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Web Services (via WSDL)

• Interface to Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Excel, Access, Word) and Microsoft Office components

via OLE Automation

• Run on a Web Thin Client


Where you should use native InduSoft Web Studio functions instead of VBScript

• User Interface. InduSoft Web Studio does not support Windows Scripting, which typically provides the User Interface for VBScript via Forms.

• Device I/O (e.g. PLC communications). VBScript does not directly support serial or network communications.

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