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Top Ten Free Symbols for InduSoft Web Studio in 2016

Now that we are coming up on the end of the year, we’re getting introspective. We’ve put together what we think are the best ten symbols for InduSoft Web Studio this year. Got ideas for your own? Be sure to let us know 

In Vehicle/Cab HMI

This symbol was created for use on an embedded computer mounted on the dash of construction equipment, mining equipment, agriculture, or other vehicles that need to show information.

Thick Bar Graph

This graph was designed to be easy to read and quick to install. It will look good in most applications.

Simple Buttons

Build application navigation quickly and easy with these simple buttons to get you started.

Write to CSV Button

Easy to use button allows you to write up to 5 tags to a .CSV file.

Pop Out Menu

This nifty little navigation menu pops out, and can be hidden to free up screen space.

Zero Centered Scale Meter Symbols

These symbols can be used when a zero-centered scale meter is needed. The bow and stern angle symbols were built using a linked picture for the scale. These pictures are included in the .zipped folder, however they have been embedded into the symbols. The other symbols have been built using native InduSoft Web Studio drawing objects. The value displays have been configured to show only positive values (for angles).

Round Gauge with Set Point Indicator


This symbol offers a gauge with Red needle to indicate tag value, and white outline needle to indicate set point.

Driver Status


When used with tags in the driver worksheet, this symbol can tell you the status (error code) to help you troubleshoot the cause of driver issues.

Simple (Colorful) Buttons

More simple buttons make it easy to get started with an InduSoft Web Studio Application.

Big Rounded Bar Graphs


This symbol set provides several big, rounded bar graphs that are easy to read and understand.


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